Your Italian Band

If you are looking for a group of talented musicians to play those Italian-American tunes (Dean Martin, Carosone, Ray Gelato and more) for your wedding or event in Positano Italy we're the Italian Swing band for you. We're available to provide a great and fun performance for your Positano wedding.

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Italian Wedding Band | Positano | Watch & Listen

Watch a sequence of Italian Swing all time hits performed live by the Italian Swing Band.

The Italian Swing Band

The Italian Swing Band is composed of five talented musicians: male singer, sax, piano, bass, drums. We perform in Positano and in other great locations in Italy.

Italian Swing Wedding Band - Positano

Wedding Music & Events

The Italian Swing Band is available for your unforgettable wedding music and for events in Positano Italy.

Positano - Italian Band Wedding

Italian Band's Repertoire

The repertoire ranges from Italian Swing and classics such as "L'Americano", "That's Amore", "Mambo Italiano", "Volare" and many others, to Jazz Ballads and Swing, and includes current POP hits.

Positano Wedding Swing Band

Italian Swing & Beyond

The Italian Swing Band also provides a wide repertoire of Jazz Ballads & Swing, Classics, and current POP Hits, just in case you'd like to listen to that popular hit of the moment for your wedding in Positano.

PLEASE NOTE | Our performers can only be booked by the couple and directly through this website.